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Building Capabilities for Winning Business

Team Action - Inputs & Outputs

Customer Opportunity or Threat
Preparation (under guidance)
Informed (X-functional) Team Members + Senior/Exec Champion
Go to The PLANtoWIN™ Process
The PLANtoWIN™ process - critical stages
TEAM ACTION PROGRAMME (typically 2 x 2 days)
Experienced Facilitation Exercises and Coaching
Expert Instruction Best Practice Marketing
Striking New Concepts & Approach Creative & structured Process

In-depth Analysis Probing Examination
The PLANtoWIN Process - guiding the structured analysis -
enabling "Customer Decision Management"
Excitement Inspiration Revelation

Detailed Planning Strategy Formulation
Agreeing Strategy, Team Objectives & Actions; Risk Analysis
Consensus Agreement Commitment

Automatically generated PLAN summary tracks objectives, milestones and actions
Plan Review and Adaptation (typically 2 x ½ day Sessions)

Highly Motivated Team
More Capable / Influential People Repeatable Process
A Sound PLAN to WIN the Business Decision
Software tools for continued planning, communications & progress monitoring

Improved Competitiveness + Greater Productivity

Also see: How Team Action Programmes work and The PLANtoWIN™ Process